University of Wedding Filmmakers


Podcast Ep. 4 – Referrals, & the Importance of Face to Face Interaction

Yea we all know referrals are the key to thriving in the high end business, but how can we get started with getting said referrals?   Meg Simone has some insight into the matter.   Her films have gotten some pretty darn good notoriety in the industry, and in addition, has built up quite the... read more

PODCAST EP. 2 – Phone Sales w/ Jason F. from Boston Wedding Films

Talk about an informative interview!   Jason is one of the founders of Boston Wedding Films, a high end Boston wedding cinematography studio. With about 15 years of experience under their belts, they’re one of the most sought after teams in the New England area.   In addition to their amazing work, they consistently are... read more

Podcast Ep. 1 – Branding w/ Shannon Avery from Hoo Films

This is the start of what I hope to be a successful podcast series for the University of Wedding Filmmakers. For our maiden episode we decided to call upon Shannon Avery from Hoo Films.   Shannon has built out quite the niche for herself, spending most of her time on the road (more like plane... read more

The Ultimate Guide to Delivering Your Wedding Films on USB

  By now you must’ve battled with the idea of offering USB drives to your wedding clients.   If you’re like us, in the past you spent mountains of time formatting your films for DVD, designing the menu, graphics, exporting, burning, printing artwork, etc. What a colossal waste of energy.   Today it’s easier than... read more

Selling to the High End Bride, How We Closed a Recent Sale

  I think a lot of people who offer advice can be too vague.   What they say might have a few helpful pointers, but how much of it are they actually using, and how much of it actually works? You never know for sure.   One thing that I think is difficult for wedding... read more

The Secret to Charging Wedding Clients for Travel, While Increasing Your Bookings

  Do you ever receive email inquiries for weddings a few hours away?   Are you aware of the proper etiquette when billing for travel?   Let me let you in on a little secret… there is none.   Talking with other industry professionals, it seems everyone has their own way of doing things, especially... read more

Here’s How Your Pricing Page is Scaring Away Clients

  The “Gold” Package.   Extra time.   More DVDs.   Aerial footage.   Same day edit…   …are you listing EVERYTHING that you offer on your pricing page?   Take a time out and put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Think about how stressful a decision this is for them. They’re about to drop... read more

Team Management & Growth: An Interview with Dave Williams

Our first interview for the University of Wedding Filmmakers video podcast is the incredibly talented Dave Williams from CinemaCake Filmmakers. Dave has a thriving live event cinematography business based out of Philadelphia, PA and has been producing wedding films for 15 years. His experience in managing a large team, recruiting talent, and keeping a consistent... read more

The Top 5 Lenses We Can’t Live Without Shooting Weddings

  One of the most frustrating things about bootstrapping a small business was the constant window shopping on B&H for new toys. After each deposit we collected as we grew, it seemed like money never stayed put for very long because it was always going to build up our gear arsenal.   So when you’re... read more

How Often Should You Raise Your Prices?

When we first started out, I remember one of the most exciting things we experienced as a new business was our very first official sale from a client who wasn’t a friend-of-a-friend wedding. It basically validated that people wanted what we were selling.   Back in the day, we were naive to think that booking... read more