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Here’s How Your Pricing Page is Scaring Away Clients

The “Gold” Package.
Extra time.
More DVDs.
Aerial footage.
Same day edit…
…are you listing EVERYTHING that you offer on your pricing page?
Take a time out and put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Think about how stressful a decision this is for them. They’re about to drop a large junk of change on you, and you’re overloading them with information right from the get-go.
Let’s take a look at how Netflix manages information overload.
Netflix has a library of nearly 10,000 titles for you to scroll through. As much as I love the service, sometimes the time it takes me to find something to watch actually takes LONGER than the episode I end up watching.
They do one thing really great though.
There’s two key filters they use on their dashboard that make my life easier, and they’re the “Trending Now” and the “Top Picks for Me” categories. What was once a seemingly endless list of movies and television shows to scrub through, is now a select handful more suited for me.
Now picture a non-technical bride reading through your pricing page. Do you think she’s going to have any idea what a same day edit is, or how many DVDs she should order, or how long you need to be there?
Hint: No.
Make it easy, and simplify, simplify, SIMPLIFY.
It’s harder than you think to cut the fat. Thomas Jefferson said it best… “The most valuable of all talents is never using two words when one will do.”
That shit’s deep.
My point is that you need to cut to the chase when it comes to presenting your pricing. Information should flow, and write using language that anybody can understand, not just people in your industry. Do you think a bride really cares about our lenses or DVD menus?
Here’s a portion of what our online pricing page looks like that we send to potential clients. Just a couple package choices on the left, with a small handful of Add Ons to the right.
The proof is in the pudding.
There was a famous study done at an upscale grocery store, where a professor decided to test the theory of “more equals better.” They setup a tasting station in an attempt to sell a product on two different Saturdays.
On the first Saturday, 24 options were made available, and only 6 on the next.
Guess which performed better?
You might think that because consumers had a large selection to choose from on the first Saturday that that would sell better. But you would be wrong.
Actually, sales on the Saturday with only 6 choices outsold the previous by 600%! What’s the reason for this?
There’s a very important term coined by Alvin Toffler called, “Overchoice.” Overchoice is a term describing a cognitive process in which people have a difficult time making a decision when faced with many options. From Wikipedia, “Making a decision becomes overwhelming due to the many potential outcomes and risks that may result from making the wrong choice.”
So what kinds of things can you do to simplify your pricing?
1. For starters, if you’re offering 4 or more packages, try getting it down to 2 or 3.
2. Hopefully by now you’ve listened to the teachings of Ray Roman, and have followed his mantra of the a la carte pricing model. We offer upwards of 15-20 extras brides can purchase, but only display 4-5 of the most popular ones during our initial price conversation. If you open the bag too early, they’ll start to feel like they aren’t really getting a whole lot for how much they’re spending.
3. Get rid of the technical talk. When you start bringing up terms like DSLR, steadicam, The Music Bed, etc. you might as well be speaking in tongue to them. We’re all claiming to be storytellers right? Let your pricing page be an extension of your brand’s voice.
What other ways can you simplify your pricing?
If you’d like to share anything please leave a comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear your tips too!