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Selling to the High End Bride, How We Closed a Recent Sale

I think a lot of people who offer advice can be too vague.
What they say might have a few helpful pointers, but how much of it are they actually using, and how much of it actually works? You never know for sure.
One thing that I think is difficult for wedding videographers (or any creative person for that matter) is coming up with a sales process. We’re not businessmen or businesswomen by trade, we’re filmmakers. You pick up the business side of it as you go along, which sucks because you’re losing out on profits. But hey, that’s part of the learning process.
One incredibly valuable thing we learned over the years was this…
Your marketing & sales strategies are EQUALLY as important as your craft.
Yes, equal.
We deal quite extensively with high end clients, and if you’ve ever wondered how those sales conversations happen, now’s your chance.
We’re giving you a look behind the curtain at EXACTLY how we closed a pretty recent $8k sale for a local wedding, and the kinds of methods we implemented during each point of contact.
It’s important to note too that this was not just a random couple that decided to go with our top package… this is a starting point.
Are you wondering how this is done?
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Why are we doing this?
I can remember a time when I questioned everything we did running our business. Everything. It can drive you nuts.
At the very least, what we’re hoping to do is provide you with validation. Validation that your current methods are correct, or close to it, and that all you need is a little confidence in your selling.
The whole point of us starting this blog was to better the wedding film industry and get people to stop undervaluing your work.
It’s hard to properly value your work when you don’t trust your process.
Maybe what you do now is way off compared to what we’re showing here. That’s Ok too. This isn’t the ONLY way to conduct a sale. But the one thing I know that’s helped us grow at such a rapid pace was our ability to try something new.
Test. Test. Test.
Test this out, see how it works for you, and let us know if you experience any results.
We’d love to hear from you.
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