University of Wedding Filmmakers


Who We Are

The University of Wedding Filmmakers was founded by the team from Brighter Lights Media based out of Boston, Massachusetts. We’ve been in the wedding business since mid-late 2011. That’s not an incredibly long time, so how are we qualified to be giving advice on live event filmmaking, and sales & marketing tips? What makes us so special?
Let’s rewind.
In the original iteration of our business, things were messy. There wasn’t any direction, jobs were scattered, we were getting ripped off, and the list goes on. One nagging example that we still to this day have a grudge over was when Chris, the original founder, secured a shoot for a large beer brewery in New York for a virtual tour of their new facilities. Multiple shoot dates and countless hours of post-production later, there suddenly was a “misunderstanding” on the payment terms.
You’re right, a contract should totally protect us right? Probably… IF we had a contract in place. We were still young and stupid and learning and never put together a contract for this project. Lesson. Learned.
THAT never happened again.
And so began our journey of learning, screwing up, re-learning, trying, failing, tweaking, etc. We got our break when out of nowhere, a mutual friend started discussing her wedding that was coming up in just two short weeks, and the conversation quickly steered towards video. They didn’t hire anyone, so they asked us if we felt like doing it. At the time, we weren’t exactly buried with work (we were wide open), so we immediately said yes.
From Corporate Video to Wedding Films

I remember thinking after the wedding was over, “holy shit what did we just do?” People do this regularly? It was probably the hardest I had worked in years, even though back then we barely had any equipment to carry around. We shot the whole wedding on my brand new Canon T2i and our friend’s 60D. THAT was fun to try and match those shots, especially in Saratoga’s Hall of Springs, which can be pretty dark.
While editing their trailer (we didn’t even know what to call the video, but we knew we needed a short 2-3 minute something to demo and put in our reel for potential future brides) we kept hoping and praying that she wouldn’t look at what we create and absolutely hate it. Finally, after emailing them their trailer after a couple weeks, the wait was torture. Not quite ulcer-inducing, but pretty close. Then she wrote back.
Looking back, there were probably dozens of mistakes we made shooting their wedding. We were first timers, it was a guarantee. If we’re being honest with ourselves, mistakes STILL happen. They’ll never go away entirely, that’s the nature of shooting live events. As you get better, faster, smarter, you’re able to adapt to variables more quickly and think on your feet when a problem does arise.
Having an innate ability to adapt and be humble is what has gotten us to where we are.
All of the knowledge we’ve acquired over the years has been through a rigorous process of trial and error, absorbing from the best, and accepting this fact: You will never be the best, there will always be someone out there who can teach you something.

By never letting ourselves fall into the trap of complacency we’ve been able to open more doors than we knew existed. This hunger for information and discovering the keys to running our business efficiently has been the key driver in getting us to a point where we now consistently book in the $8,000 to $10,000+ arena, without needing to try and market to celebrities. We target a special kind of people. People that are out there, waiting to find you, you just need to know how to talk to them.

The Mission

What I want to stress here is that the goal of this website is NOT about price gouging couples looking for a wedding film, and it’s NOT about teaching you how to manipulate them.
Our mission is to change the perception that a wedding film is only for those who have a little left over in their budget to spend on it.
This blog is about spreading ideas, sharing what we KNOW worked for us, and helping as many people as we can get excited about their business.
Knowledge is power, and the more we know collectively as an industry, the more talent will emerge, the higher the quality of work, and ultimately the shift in the mindset in thinking of cinematography as a “luxury item” versus being a “must have.”
Where this website will differ, primarily, is through the comprehensive focus on the business, marketing, and sales aspects of wedding cinematography. You can jump on YouTube and quickly find 500 different tutorials on how to shoot a ceremony, what kinds of microphones to use, where to rent gear from, you name it. What you’re really going to have trouble finding however, is an in-depth study of specific and actionable techniques, ones that we used ourselves, to immediately start getting paid what you’re worth.
This isn’t to say that we won’t ALSO be sharing our production and post-production methods as well, because we will. But the problem we face as an industry today, is that there’s a lack of information out there in regards to the business side of things, and THAT’S the niche we’re hoping to fill.
What’s In it for Us

A lot of information will be shared for free on our Blog, some of which will be considered “premium content” and thus you’ll need to become a member to view (free), other bits will be released in our Classes section as paid tutorials, and other bits, well they won’t be bits at all.
In the near future, we’re releasing an intensive online workshop that will cover extensively, everything you need to point your business in the right direction, and finally earn yourself some good money, and free time to start enjoying your life. Pricing, add ons, contracts, email templates, credit card processing, blogging, SEO, referral strategies, it’s all in there.
We’re going to be kicking the doors wide open to our entire business, everything we’ve learned, and we want it to be well worth it for you.
To make this as customer-centric as possible, we invite you to get in early and start the conversation with us. What would you like to see included? Is there anything right now that you feel is holding you back?
Ask us anything, tell us everything.
Enter your email in the field below and we’ll keep you informed of blog updates, new classes, and our soon-to-be-released online workshop. Also, as a subscriber, you get members-only discounts on pretty much all of our upcoming product releases.
And that’s basically it.
Don’t worry, we promise not to spam you because spam sucks.
I hope that we share in the same vision, and if not that’s Ok… but I wish you the best of luck on your journey as a wedding filmmaker with whichever path you choose. Thank you for reading!
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